Jinx – Sold to Staci

Jinx is a “Super Love”! Yup, he is the fellow that everyone wants to hold, everyone wants to take home and everyone can’t help themselves to smile when they see him! He is a floppy, snuggle puss who simply wants to romp in play, loving it even more if you are watching! Lol!! He is just like the most lovable stuffed animal come to life. Now, Jinx is also very smart. He is bulldog slow in his movements,  however Royal Frenchel smart in his learning. All he wants to do is to walk with you and learn what you want. Jinx adores life!
I was keeping Jinx for my breeding program however, since I haven’t had pups up for a few weeks I figured, I will get the next one. His mom is young and it is doable. So, you are so lucky to have Jinx to go home with you! He is a 10 in every direction.

  • size: Small
  • gender: Male
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