Merlin is a quick-witted, big-hearted, tiny little fella (bulldog tiny ~ not chihuahua tiny!) who loves hanging out with his friends. He is super intelligent and navigates the world of our kitchen dogs with such ease sometimes I just sit at my table and watch his artful moves of distracting a big dog or getting a treat or toy from them when they have no idea he arranged the strategy! He loves his buddies and snuggles side by side with them.

Merlin is a love bug who is one of those Royals who goes everywhere with you sharing his elegant nature with manners that seem to show up by themselves, revealing that kind, patient, and willing character he was simply born with. All we do is allow it to shine here with lots of interest in who he really is. That’s our Royal Frenchel way. And his unfolding into who he is has been remarkably honoring, as he is such a shining example of what a Royal Frenchel is all about.

If you want a dog to learn swiftly how to go to work with you, travel by air, land, or sea, and make an entrance anywhere with a charisma that doesn’t quit, little Merlin is for you.

To tell the truth, I have wanted him since he was born, but I can’t keep them all! So, Merlin is getting away now to have his remarkable life and offer his remarkable self for years to come!

  • size: Micro Mini
  • gender: Male
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