Jasper – Sold to Meaghan & Brian

Jasper is like the friend you go to when no one else will give you a loan, and though he doesn’t have lots of money, he seems to always have a stock pile for his closest friends. If Jasper were a person, his clothes would always be clean, but not too over pressed. He’d always pick up the phone when you called and he’d be by your bedside when lifes challenges hit.  Jasper loves the adventure of a game and though friendship and snuggle time means a great deal to him, so does getting after what he believes is important to his dignity. Jasper is a stalworth friend and a fun fellow to know.

[fts_youtube video_id_or_link=https://youtu.be/coeEXcA-T7s]
  • size: Small
  • gender: Male
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