Ipsy – Sold to Silvia

A forest Imp come to life! The tiniest little Frenchy & the smallest bulldog in the world … 3 lbs @ 7 months old, Ipsy is the dearest little soul.  She’s a super companion, loves a good time with toys and spends half her time tucked in my shirt .

Little Ipsy adores snuggling.  She lives on my desk and she’ll come over several times a day and back up into my bosom where she wants to jump in my shirt and snuggle and take a nap. We live that way a lot! LOL!

Ipsy has been raised with such care. She’s well socialized, house broken and has had a thorough check up from the vet and all her shots. Being so small, Ipsy has taken many months to where I felt she was ready to go. The only problem now is that I’m in love with her, but it’s best for her not to be one of many where she is a rare little gal. Getting Ipsy will be the talk of the town, the cherry in your eye and the love of your life. If you’re ready for that, give me a call and we’ll zoom and possibly, soon Ipsy will be yours.

  • size: Micro Mini
  • gender: Female
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