Hanna – Sold to Brandie

Hanna is our little sausage packed with love, super smarts and total dedication! She is humorous and would adore having a person to serve as she is a natural server and adores being attentive to you throughout the day.

Hanna loves tracking around with you and will stay by your side and she is no lay down when it comes to going outside! She will run and play and enjoy a great breath of the outdoors as well as play indoors. It is kind of funny, Hanna reminds me of pistachios, a unique nut that can go with savory or sweet deserts- ice cream or great 5 star meals…. She makes every day a meal of sweet love with a uniquely attentive gal by your side.

Falling in love with Hanna? Yeah, just try not to do it – even people who don’t enjoy dogs fall for Hanna. She has the best depth of soul and eyes of sweet tender care you will ever know. Such an innocent and committed care giver of life. Bringing Hanna home would be like giving yourself a ready made best friend to join you at your deepest place in life. She will see right through to the core of the real you!


  • size: Adult Micro Mini
  • gender: Female
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