Birdie Love – Sold to Heidi

Introducing Birdie Love, the most dear-hearted forest imp, or rather pup 😀 you will ever meet! Not only is she exquisitely beautiful, but when you get to know her deeply, you’ll see nothing but pure heart – and a smart one at that.

Birdie is an adept at making friends. She gets along well with everyone. You can tell what she loves most by the way she moves each moment. Her favorite things include music, being snuggled, and being spoken to genuinely by her best friends. Birdie would be the best friend anyone could ever have.

This sweet little pup also has an adventurous streak. She’s always eager to learn about new toys and explore every nook and cranny of her surroundings. Birdie fits right in with everyone – children, adults, siblings in her litter, aunts, uncles, and grandparents. It seems like she has taken the best traits from them all, making her truly one of a kind.

Don’t miss out on the chance to experience the love and joy that Birdie Love brings into every moment. Come meet her and get ready to fall head over heels for this incredible furry companion.

  • size: Micro Mini
  • gender: Female
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