Glory – SOLD

Glory is a joyous balance of sensibility, humor and sincerity.  She has the most dear heart and when you have caught her hearts attention, you will have gained the most wonderful friend who always has your back. 

While at play with her siblings, you can see Glory raise the bar of any pup game to match her intelligence and she won’t be found doing things that don’t make good sense.  Glory is what we call the “executive mind” type. She thinks broader than most and considers what is most effective in her fun giving.  She loves a good time and will be sure to benefit others at the same time 🙂 

Glory is truly a gift to anyone as a companion. She will always be the undying light of love to your world and bring “Glory” to the most mundane of moments! 

  • size: Micro Mini Nursery Regular Small
  • gender: Female
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