Herman aka Gyll – Sold to Taylor

Gyll is the man of the hour! A micro who was raised to half of his puppy life, housebroken and super socialized. Gyll is a dear hearted boy with lots of friendship strength to help you through your day. He loves children and other animals as most Royals do.

If Gyll were a person, he would be the young 12 year old who likes helping his mom set up for the party and serve everyone with excellence! He is just that type of guy. He is both tender and yet has enough strength of character to hold his own and let you know what works for him and what doesn’t and it is always sensible!

Gyll’s micro status is about half way to maturity. Micros mature at around 26 months so he is just half way there. I raise dogs sometimes for those who can’t go through puppy life so if that is you, Gyll is perfect!

Gyll has high aspirations to be the best service dog anyone could desire. He is the best fella, super easy to be around around and for sure will be an excellent lifelong companion. He loves to snuggle and has mastered it in all postures! lol!!!
Gyll’s happiness is infectious. You find yourself smiling just looking at him because he is just in joy at being alive. He would love to be the best pal of anyone who truly needs a service dog as he would be so easy to train and he would be a fun family member for a new family addition as he enjoys so many different people and animals. And Gyll loves to love. That says it plainly about Gyll, he simply loves to love! Talk to you soon ~

  • size: Adult Micro Mini
  • gender: Male
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