Frank – Res. for Clif

Frank is the biggest heart in the world. Frank is fun, willing and completely dedicated to his person.

I bought Frank from a customer of mine who was dying to save him and I have raised him the last many months. He is not a Royal Frenchel, but rather a “French Staffy” (French Bulldog x Staffordshire Bull Terrier). 
Frank needs a strong loving person as he is a powerhouse! He would be the best work dog ever. He loves people, wants to learn and adores spending time outside with his people. He is a people dog. A great dog for anyone who wants a dog to go to work and play. Frank is one of my best friends. My pack was finished with old dogs now and Frank could use young blood! Get Frank and you not only get a friend for life, but you get joy at every turn with a bright mind and willing heart.
Crate trained, house broken, 1 yr.
  • size: Adult Regular
  • gender: Male
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