Fletcher “Fletch”

Fletcher is the most gentle-hearted, chill, loving little guy. And yet he loves to play with his 3-generation family and copy the actions of his uncle! lol!! His intelligence is totally matched by his heart so his outreach to new dogs and people he has never met before is so respectful, just naturally. He is the best ever! Fletcher’s galumphy sweet nature can’t be missed. His ears are popping up today, so be ready! He might end up with 2 up ears in the end. But, he is so adorable as he is so it’s all good.

Fletcher has just the right touch of an adventurous spirit too. He really enjoys the outside and loves the children with that same sweet presence. He would love to join you while you are busy cooking or cleaning the barbecue (of course I think food .. right! LOL! ) To him, he would be proud!

Fletcher is one of the greatest dogs you will ever meet. He’s going to be perfect for children and adults alike as well as a service dog because he is an ageless remedy for everyone’s heart.

  • size: Small
  • gender: Male
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