Ertha – Res. for Tina

Ertha is a rock solid guardian in all you do! A fun loving total toy lover ready to entertain you at any time of day or to snuggle in for a show. She will come at any moment you call her. She is super easy to train to anything and adores sleeping with you if you are up for it.

A total snuggle bug at heart,  Ertha is also substantial when it comes to service. She could so easily be a great service dog as she loves to work and would easily be trained to go anywhere with you. She loves everyone and is very well mannered.

Ertha is dedicated to serve you with out a miss.  Like angel food cake with strawberry frosting, Ertha is a surprise as she is as light as she is specifically earnest about your care or the care of her space. Love is Ertha’s middle name so get ready for more if you choose Ertha as you will have an ardent friend who will be proud to be by your side and make you feel it!

  • size: Adult Small
  • gender: Female
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