Dutch – Sold to Joe

Dutch is like a vanilla caramel. He is sweet and easy peasy. Dutch is melty and just melts into you when you snuggle him. And he learns super swiftly. He is in the process of being housebroken and doing beautifully. He loves to snuggle and watch from my lap and yet will play hard with our other tiny micro.

Dutch is 13 weeks old (today is 03/03/20). He weighs only 3 lbs. 4 oz. He is tiny and absolutely adorable. If he were a person, he would be the kid who made breakfast on Mothers Day & Fathers Day and loves traditions. He would help bring in the groceries when you shopped and would love it when it was comedy night on family tv night! He is just a doll.

A super sweet little guy who will be an amazing friend and companion. He would be an amazing service dog as he is so attentive. Little Dutch is also a very happy little fellow. He is like the blue bird of happiness. It was funny when we did his photos because he looked a bit stern in a few of them. We laughed! He is just the opposite!

  • size: Micro Mini
  • gender: Male
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