Marion Berri ” Berri” – Sold to Breanna

Marion Berri is a very unique little girl whose IQ is definitely off the charts. She tells us if we are one minute late serving her dinner or if her pen needs cleaning! LOL. She the loves her clean bedding, thinks she’s to be snuggled 3/4 of the day and would adore traveling about and becoming educated about the big world around her.

Her intelligence makes sharing things with her so easy. She learns anything at the drop of a hat. Marion Berri is definitely the type of gal you would tell your whole life story to in the first 10 minutes of knowing her and she would definitely have commentary to add back. Always relevant, right on time, warm and passionate, Marion Berry will bring a smile to your face every day of your life as long as she’s in it and probably long after!

Her tiny size ensures best chances at a life of 1.5 to 2 times longer than any French Bulldog… happy and healthy all the way! Don’t come see Marion Berri, unless you are serious about her, because once you meet her you will definitely want to take her home! LOL!

  • size: Micro Mini Nursery
  • gender: Female
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