Babe’s middle name is “absolutely adorable” ! Babe appears slow moving like some of the greatest bulldogs in bulldog history and yet can move quickly when the situation calls for it. She is the epitome of a love bucket and adores being visited, spoken to and sung to.

Babe is a smart little gal with a very deep soul. She’s an obvious comforter to anyone who needs a break from the tough challenges of every day life. One look into her deep pooled eyes and she just seems to relax your muscles from head to toe!

Babe is sweet and dear, she enjoys life yet lives to do well for her people. Babe would be an incredible choice for anyone who not only wants the exceptional companion that comes with having a Royal Frenchel in your family, but one who wants an adoring friend for life.


  • size: Micro Mini Nursery
  • gender: Female
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