Darby – SOLD to Gerry

Darby reminds me of the Metro Man who is a really just super bright guy who truly loves all sorts of info, be it the operatic greats, which bakery is the best in town or where the bones are hidden in the neighbor’s yard that they keep giving the dog next door! He is incredibly observant, debonair and righteously right on! 

Despite the fact Darby is nearly always right (making you agree with his slightest whim!). His timing is also impeccable! Somehow though, he gets to go where he wants, he seems to do so while beguiling those around him. His charismatic personality lights the way for just about anything he has a desire to do. It is truly difficult to say no to Darby… he just makes sense! 

Yes, Darby is the guy who even though you may not want to admit it, always has a great idea and keeps you moving toward your goal. Be it a little exercise, staying alert & ready for a great laugh or snuggling down with a great movie while you both enjoy the added warmth. He is great with children and other dogs too.

  • size: Micro Mini Small
  • gender: Male
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