Daisy – Sold to Sally

Price ~ $250

Daisy was named after a field of Daisies … fresh , always ready to burst into fun and the best hugger you’ll ever know in your life. Daisy gets along with everybody! She adores children and plays with toys like she’s in her youth.  A total sweetheart.  A grand dam who is housebroken and ready to trek with you everywhere in love…. 

Daisy is 8 years old (obviously we all had a hard time letting her go! LOL ! Remember Royals live 14 to 16 years )

Daisy is a great cohort for long walks in the woods and snuggles by the fire.  But we have to make room for the new lines and Daisy deserves to be in the limelight. You simply can’t go wrong with Daisy.


  • size: Adult
  • gender: Female
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