Midge/Chichi – Sold to Sarah

If you were in high school again and can imagine the best friend in the world … that’s Chichi. Chichi is ready for play, a good time and most of all will be ready to snuggle in and watch a good show with you. But beware, she might like it so much that she may call to you like her aunty does with me every night at five or six in the evening as she sits on her step and stares at the TV until I turn it on and she gets to sit and watch and snuggle with me in a chair for tv time. Chichi is just like her auntie in every way! An absolute delight.. a bowl of popcorn, a bowl of ice cream .. Chichi is every great thing you ever enjoyed with your beloved family and moments of sweet time with anything or anyone.

  • size: Small
  • gender: Female
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