Chevy – Happy New Home with Liz!

Chevy is a little doll of a man. He is gentle hearted and tiny! He loves to adventure and would love traveling or seeing new sights with you. He is amazingly confident and doesn’t really know his size. Though not a Napoleon type, little Chevy is more of a Tom Cruise type! He can play just about any part well as long as at the end of it, he gets to snuggle and fall asleep in your arms! 

Yup, Chevy is a lover for sure. He adores watching the other pups from my lap as they romp and play. Then he turns around as if to tell me about what he just saw and enjoys my talking to him about it. Then back he goes to watch some more. At some point he ends up jumping back in for a direct taste of that playtime! Chevy is the connoisseur of play! He enjoys toys and knows just where to put them to give him more time before the big kids get them back! 

Chevy is a bit of a comedic little fella, a lover that gets under the skin of women and men alike who especially think they would never like a tiny dog. He is a rare Royal Frenchel in size with all of his attributes and definite find for one looking for a great friend for the next 20 years who can travel with you with ease and keep you thinking of his cuteness whenever you are apart.

Enjoy seeing Chevy in his video!

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  • gender: Male
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