Arthur “Artie” – Res. for Jaylia

Introducing Arthur, Artie to his friends! Arthur is his full name, and it perfectly depicts his regal personality. There’s no denying that Artie has an elegance to him that is truly captivating, making him stand out from the rest. His unique intelligence reminds us of the type of creatures that only exist in fairy tales, but Artie has been blessed with it in abundance.

Artie enjoys believing he is an adventurer and yet his adventures are always very close by in the most non-adventurous ways! lol!! He keeps it simple sweet and not far from your side. Artie lives to love. His remarkable attention and patience are very soothing to your heart. He is definitely a great break in the day. Like Fletcher, Artie is the best friend ever. He and Fletcher enjoy seeking out fun things to do on the property. And he’s a pup with the best sense of humor not caring at all if he is judged or galumphy. It’s all the good life to Artie! Great with children and adults of all ages. Artie has that Royal gentile quality that sets you at ease.

From the moment you meet Artie, his adoring gaze will melt your heart and you’ll find it hard to leave him behind. He’s a small-sized pup with a big personality, making him the perfect companion for any anyone with a sincere heart. Whether you want to travel with him, snuggle with him, or bring him to work, Artie is up for it all as long as he has you, his person.

  • size: Small
  • gender: Male
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