Bessy Lynn – Retired Adult – Sold to Andrea

Bessy Lynn is like a “retired entrepreneur” who we all never never really retires because they love serving the world.  She will never stop serving and staying involved in the exciting activities of important matters in life.  She is an executive leader type who thinks & strategizes her next hug, snuggle, or person who she has tracked is ready for her affection. 

She loves comfort.. (as most Royals) and will find the most comfortable area on your couch or bed and be the first to start snuggle time!   She will tell you if you take the wrong turn on your daily trip to the market and will know where you are going before you even know you’re going someplace!

Bessy is so smart and observant, and she truly cares for the people in her life.  She is loyal and dedicated and will follow you everywhere you go. She will learn anything you give her to learn with ease and take pride in her ability to go along with you and be your trusted friend at your side.  Bessy has been a great friend and mom to beautiful litters here at Royal Frenchel over the last 6 years and she is now ready for her forever home.  She is crate trained, house trained, and ready to learn anything and everything from you.

  • size: Adult Small
  • gender: Female
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