Bandit Love

BANDIT LOVE steals your heart while also your cracker! Yes, Bandit has the name out of the two most central themes of playful stealing and total absolute LOVE! He has that totally dear hearted clarity that all Frenchies have that are completely dedicated to their people. He is yours and he loves that reality! He is completely clear that he needs his person to make things happen and he is certain that you need him equally as well to have a great day!  And he will insure that happens with his bright eyes and dashing smile while dancing wildly in front of you until he drops to sleep soundly in your lap snuggling and wriggling around like the most luscious little fella you ever met.

Bandit is the fun loving character on the Friends TV show… a mix of Chandler Bing and Joey Tribiani! Yes, and he loves coffee & tea time here at the house when we sit and talk about our day as he listens intently until he suddenly runs by stealing your napkin causing us all to laugh wildly and chase to end up cuddling him with ear to ear smiles. His especially!

Though our little Bandit is a Micro Mini of 3 3/4 lbs at nearly 5 months old ~ Even as the smallest bulldog in the world, he is a big dog in his mind and heart! 

  • size: Micro Mini
  • gender: Male
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