Antoinette – SOLD

Antoinette is so very special. She is a small yet very capable sturdy little gal. If you happen to remember the actress with the violet eyes, Elizabeth Taylor, Antoinette is the Elizabeth Taylor of her time in dog land. She is so very sensibly smart, completely a love and easy easy easy. She seems to understand if I am busy for a while with a new mom or pups needing care and waits until she can come in close for snuggles and a visit. She loves it when I talk to her or sing to her and she never plays too rough with younger pups, and she loves to play! 

Antoinette loves toys, nap time when she is played out and learning. When I said easy, I meant it. She is so sensible and if treated well, Antoinette will no doubt become the greatest dog in your lifetime. 

  • size: Micro Mini
  • gender: Female
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