Annabella – Sold to Cameron

Price ~ $1,695

Annabella is only 18 months old and is the most dedicated confidant and guardian to your day’s purpose that you will ever know. And on top of it, she is like some sort of cloud-like candy ~ vanilla, delicious, smooth ~ you just crave her until you get enough and then it starts all over again! lol!!!  And of course,  Annabella is at the ready at all moments.

Annabella loves toys. She has been a great friend to her 4 legged cohorts and is wide open to any adventure you might take her on.

Annabella is a dream, with the best personality.  She is so easy to live with and such a doll.  A little micro bundle who looks real big in her photos and has a real big heart.  Housebroken and young, Annabella has a hemivertebrae and with a loving easy lifestyle would be an awesome family member for years to come.

  • size: Adult
  • gender: Female
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