Teddy is like the character in a movie that would be the good looking neighbor who saves you when your pipes break by running in and stopping the leak even though he doesn’t know plumbing!  Now this may sound funny, but everybody’s met someone who from the moment you met them becomes your best friend. Teddy’s that guy for everybody!

Teddy is like a cave with lots of crystals down deep. He is an absolute sweet heart with lots of personality.  He adores to snuggle and cuddle and follow you around everywhere you want to go & he loves to travel.  Most of all, Teddy is the kind of guy that has to have a relationship and he treats them hands down with the best of care always.

If Teddy were a character in a movie, what I just described would definitely be this gorgeous fellow who is humble, real and doesn’t have a sense of his good looks as well as we do.  Teddy will be an absolutely gorgeous adult male. Since he’s a small, he’ll take longer to develop to his full maturity.. but man o’ man.. he is definitely on his way and a 10 at every turn.

  • size: Small
  • gender:
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